Jim's Joy Fund (Jim Otis Young Building Fund)


Northwest Baptist has been blessed with over 100 years of ministry, fellowship, and evangelistic outreach. Many of you have been a part of that. Ten years ago we, as a church family, saw the need to expand our building to reach, teach, and disciple people in Christ. With great hope, many of you may have pledged to give to our original note of nearly $300,000.00, and what a blessing God has give Northwest through the years to see that original note reduced to approximately $170,000.00. Praise the Lord!


I've always believed that a church family should trust God and tell the people. Our monthly mortgage payment is $2,000.00. Typically, our monthly contribution to the building fund which has serviced that payment is less than $1.000.00. We are trusting God and we are telling the people of this great need. We're asking our people, friends and family, to pray, pledge, and give to the glory of God.


The Northwest family as recently experienced a great loss in our dear brother Jim Young, who has gone to heaven. Did you know Jim's full name? Jim Otis Young. His name, like his life spells J-O-Y. In honor of his great love, sacrificial giving, and commitment to the building of Northwest Baptist Church, we are beginning a giving campaign of JOY. We're asking for a commitment from each of us to the Jim's Joy Fund (Jim Otis Young Building Fund.) We are asking people to sign commitment cards, and pray about how God would have them respond.


God has blessed in the past through men like Jim Young and so many others, and God has great plans for future generatoins to know the JOY of salvation. What a challenge, what an opportunity, and what a joy to be a part of Northwest Baptist Church. 

2020 @ Northwest Baptist Church, Springfield MO (C) 

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