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Listening Guide for Worship Service 12-20-20

"Rediscover Christmas - LOVE" 

“Rediscover Christmas - LOVE ”

John 3:16

(This message is online at: - Use this listening guide as you watch the video worship services online. This will also have questions you can use with your connect group.


If there’s one verse in all the Bible that is known by more people than any other verse what is it?

 God’s Word has more than ________________ verses

1. The Love of God is ___________________

“world” in the Greek is the word “___________________”


the love of God we read about in John 3:16 is a love for a world that is a _____________________ LOVE  - In 1st John 2  he’s writing about a ______________________Love.

2.  God’s Love is ______________________


“For God ________loved the world..”

He prays for the power to _____________ God’s love -- because the love of God surpasses ___________________

3.  God’s Love is __________________


“For God so loved the world _________________….”  “He expressed his love for us by giving us His _______________ Son..”

Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness—so ____________ the Son of Man be lifted up

4. God’s love is ________________________

1.) Because of what we _____________ instead…

2.) Because of why Jesus ________________

3.)  Because of who God ______

5. God’s love is to be _________________


ICEBREAKER—•What is your favorite passage of Scripture? Why? What kind of hope and peace and strength do you get from that Scripture?

APPLY THE BIBLE  -Read 2 Peter 3:9   What is God’s ultimate goal for every person?

Q1— What does verse 16 tell us about God and his attitude towards man?

Q2— As you think about your life, do you prefer to be under condemnation or free from condemnation? Why?

Q3— What are possible responses to what God has done by giving Jesus to the world? Read John 3:18-21, and go back and re-read John 3:16. ?

Q4—Why do people in the world love to live in the dark rather than living in the light? What does the light do to people who live in the dark?

Q5—How does the gift of love that God gave us through Jesus give us eternal life now as well as in the future? (Read John 17:3.)



· If you believe in Jesus and he is your savior, take a few minutes to tell God how grateful you are because of his gift of love. If you have not yet come to belief in Jesus and have not yet claimed him as your savior, write down a few questions that still need to be answered in order for you to believe in Jesus. Share these questions with your small group leader or a pastor at church.

·  TALK ABOUT Rediscover Christmas—how can your group get involved?

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