Listening Guide for Worship Service 3-22-20

"Case for Christ #1"

If you would like a hard copy to use as you listen to the message. Copy & Paste the text and print it.

Explaining the Good News of Christ

Mark 1

(This series is online at: - Use this listening guide as you watch the video worship services online. This will also have questions you can use with your connect group.

WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? ___ Write out a response to that question

 Believe + Receive =  __________________


______________ the Good News—and _____________ the Good News

_______________ the Good News

The word  ______________– and the word _______________ which means news, or a story you have to tell

It’s an announcement of an  ____________--- You can’t do anything about it except to ______________

Let me define Kingdom this way:  “A Kingdom is the _______________ in which the will of the King is done..”

the Kingdom of God is where the ________________ of God is done

Jesus is saying “It’s within your ______________..”

 2.  _____________________ THE GOOD NEWS


1. Before Jesus would talk to his ____________________about the Heavenly Father, he would talk to his Heavenly Father about his neighbors.

2. If Jesus lived in my house, he would let the neighbors know the door is always open for ___________________________.

If Jesus lived in my house, he would live out an ____________________faith


There’s a simple spiritual equation that flows out of John 1:12: Believe + Receive = ___________________.



 Reflection and Discussion


  1. Does someone in your group have a copy of the movie “The Case for Christ?” - During the week have each group member watch the movie. Here is a Netflix link—


  1. Discuss the question “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Have each member of your group share one scripture where Jesus demonstrated what it means.


  1. Look up and read Mark 1:14—read about John the Baptist. What role did he play in the coming of the Kingdom of God?

  2. During the message Pastor Paul made a statement “It’s an announcement of an event—You can’t do anything about it except to respond? How do we respond? How have your personally responded to the Good News of Jesus Christ?

  3. What does it mean to “show the gospel.” List out ways you see other people showing the gospel. Tell the group ways you are showing the gospel.

  4. Where are you on the journey of investigating the Case for Christ? What obstacles stand in your way?

  5. As your group closes in prayer: ask each group member to pray for another group member. 

2014 @ Northwest Baptist Church, Springfield MO (C) 

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