LISTENING GUIDE FOR 6-7-20 - "What Matters Most

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LISTENING GUIDE – June 7, 2020 – “What Matters Most”


What Matters Most?

Mark 12:28-29                                

(This message is online at: - Use this listening guide as you watch the video worship services online. This will also have questions you can use with your connect group.


Jewish tradition divided God’s law into _______________commandments and ________________commandments – The Old Testament has __________commandments

248 tell us something we ___________do

365 tell us something we ____________do

So the ______________ books of the Bible are considered the Law

The answer that Jesus gave to this guy – is what’s called the ___________

– the word “Shema” means ________________

God says – this is your priority – this is what matters most LOVE ME with _____________________

Loving your neighbor as yourself – Obliterates _________________, You can’t be _______________ if you love your neighbor as yourself

So – what matters most — _________________ and _________________________________

God _________________ love --  He __________________you to love

 People love God – when they ______________________the Love of God

But until you __________________________the love of God – your not Going to love Him with your – heart-mind-soul-& strength

Too many people are focusing on trying to love God – when they’ve never ____________________________God’s love for themselves


You have to do more than _______________of what Jesus says – You have _________________ what Jesus says



 Reflection and Discussion

GROW: (45-60 minutes): Use this time to go deeper with your group.

Use these questions to discuss the sermon/passage:

1. As a group what other passages or scriptures can you think of that teach us about the love of God or our love for each other?

2. What makes it hard for you to love God with everything you’ve got? What makes it hard to love others? What are the idols in your life that get in the way of loving God and others?

3. The scribe was “close” to the Kingdom of God because at least he could see that his good deeds could not save him. Why does our moral good deeds and religious rituals fall short of God’s command to love Him and to love others? Are there areas of your life where you are doing the right things but not actually loving God and others?

4. In order to love others our “love tank” must be filled by the love of God. Are you able to receive the love of God? What makes this hard for you? How does Jesus prove the love of God for you?

5. The command to love God and others can be really bad news because we are so bad at it. How does the gospel of Jesus make it so that the commandment to love God and others is no longer bad news but good news? How can you meditate on this good news this week?

6. What can you do as a group to show love to someone this week? Is there a need you can meet?

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